Plastic Free Packaging

- Water activated tape

- Glassine

- Zerowaste logo sticker

- Recyclable/compostable envelope

- Home Compostable bioplastic

Water Activated tape

From Ecoenclose, made with 50% recycled content. It has a starch-based adhesive which dissolves in the recycling process. Can be recycled with cardboard. More info HERE


From Uline (working on finding a different supplier). It is water-resistent compressed paper, made entirely from wood pulp. 100% biodegradable and home compostable. More info HERE

Zerowaste logo sticker

From Ecoenclose, made from 100% post consumer recylced materials and is 100% recyclable- both the sticker and backing. More info HERE

Bioplastic Sleeves

From Elevate Packaging. Made from wood cellulose. 100% home and commercially compostable. biodegrades in marine environments. More info HERE


From Ecoenclose. 100% recycled content, 90% post consumer content. Recyclable and biodegradable. More info HERE